Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Finally on ETSY!

After months of taking a sabbatical from designing, I'm finally on Etsy. Today was second attempt to post on Etsy. The first one was from my previous account. I switched my account to Jewelboxballerina since it is more searchable than my personal name. Gimp was really nice to me. Photoshop overwhelms me. At Gimp, I only use the crop, rotate, and the curve to edit my photos. I want to fully utilize Gimp...maybe I'll study the program during my free time... if I ever have one. Lol!

I've been studying Etsy for months...on how to take photos, how to crop them, how to tag, how to set up shop or create descriptions, etc. I'm happy that I finally took the first steps. Honestly, I was intimidated and somewhat overwhelmed.... but all I needed was to just create my first listing...then the rest would be easier. I actually had fun with the process especially with thinking about tags. I'm sure my shop would need a lot of improvements. I'll just improve it along the way. It's better to start now than wait for things to get perfect...otherwise, I won't be able to accomplish things.

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