Monday, September 13, 2010

How to Make Flowers from Feathers Part 2

After ten million years, the second feather flower tutorials are already available on Etsy!  I can't believe I used 178 photos for that tutorial!  This tutorial has three parts, starting from the basic five petal feather flower to the curled and curved flower and to the two layer curled and curved feathers.  I'm still conceptualizing my next set of   craft tutorials for this blog.

One of my goals in creating this blog is to help entrepreneurs by providing product ideas for their craft businesses.  I can just list what kinds of products can be done with your handmade fabric or feather flowers, but I think providing you free tutorials for different kinds of possible products will give you insights or will get your feet wet if a certain product would fit your store or not.  

The tutorial is available in this link:

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  1. Wow what a wonderful post, I love what you are doing. I was just doing some research on feathers and feather workers in fashion, and I hope you don't mind I have placed a link to your post in my blog. It is so cool seeing someone keeping this wonderful craft alive.