Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LuciaManila 's Second Etsy Front Page Feature

A lot of blessings came to me today. First, my LuciaManila got its second Etsy Frontpage. They have selected Amy's (ThePeachTree) curation entitled "Pounce Undiscovered" for the Treasury. "Pounce" is a wonder feature on Etsy where people can see items from a new shop that is waiting for its first sale and items that were just sold. Amy selected my creme fabric flower stud earrings
Thank you, Amy!

My second blessing for today was having my first sale on LuciaManila! Within a few minutes, I checked my email and I got a message on etsy telling me that I got a sale! I was so happy and grateful to what happened. Tomorrow I'll be shipping it through International Express Mail Service (IEMS) through the post office.

My third blessing, I got featured on a famous blog based in San Diego, California! I'll write about it on my next entry.