Monday, September 13, 2010

How to Make Flowers from Feathers Part 2

After ten million years, the second feather flower tutorials are already available on Etsy!  I can't believe I used 178 photos for that tutorial!  This tutorial has three parts, starting from the basic five petal feather flower to the curled and curved flower and to the two layer curled and curved feathers.  I'm still conceptualizing my next set of   craft tutorials for this blog.

One of my goals in creating this blog is to help entrepreneurs by providing product ideas for their craft businesses.  I can just list what kinds of products can be done with your handmade fabric or feather flowers, but I think providing you free tutorials for different kinds of possible products will give you insights or will get your feet wet if a certain product would fit your store or not.  

The tutorial is available in this link:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feather Flower PDF Tutorial Preview

I'm almost finished with my three part Feather Flower Tutorial.  In my next tutorial, I'll be teaching two techniques that can create three kinds of feather flower styles.  I'm already finished with the photos.  I just need to add instructions for the last part and I'm done!  

A lot of projects can be done in this tutorial that one can incorporate in their craft businesses.  In my next posts, I'll be teaching different kinds of craft projects using these feather and flower designs.  I will teach how to create lovely bouquets, fascinators, clips, and other awesome projects that one can use to give as presents,   to decorate the home, or to explore a new business idea.  This tutorial will be available in my ETSY shop and in my Official Shop in a few days.

I hope someday I'll make Martha Stewart proud. :D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LuciaManila 's Second Etsy Front Page Feature

A lot of blessings came to me today. First, my LuciaManila got its second Etsy Frontpage. They have selected Amy's (ThePeachTree) curation entitled "Pounce Undiscovered" for the Treasury. "Pounce" is a wonder feature on Etsy where people can see items from a new shop that is waiting for its first sale and items that were just sold. Amy selected my creme fabric flower stud earrings
Thank you, Amy!

My second blessing for today was having my first sale on LuciaManila! Within a few minutes, I checked my email and I got a message on etsy telling me that I got a sale! I was so happy and grateful to what happened. Tomorrow I'll be shipping it through International Express Mail Service (IEMS) through the post office.

My third blessing, I got featured on a famous blog based in San Diego, California! I'll write about it on my next entry.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Sorry to write my title in all caps. So this is how it feels... empowering! I'm so grateful to ShelleAnne on Etsy on curating the treasury. I was busy with our newly repaired Juki Sewing machine that has never been used for more than 26 years till now! Then I went online and checked my facebook and got curious on why I have a lot of notifications from friends. My last post was yesterday night then I found out that Etsy automatically announces on my wall that I was part of their frontpage.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding Packages: Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

Other than entertaining my grandparents, I spent the whole day listing all the bridal packages for my etsy shop, All the packages I listed were for custom made.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Taking Pictures and Wedding Planning Seminar

I did not design today. I just took pictures of my designs on different angles in 2 different backgrounds. I took pictures of 18 flower hair accessories. I'll change everything I'm pretty exhausted but I was happy with the results! I get to use fresh cut flowers from our garden. The lighting cooperated well... I didn't use much curving from Gimp since the colors were accurate on the first take. Yay!

Wedding Garters
Tomorrow, I'll be attending a seminar on wedding planning. I'm pretty excited! I just hope it's a lot more exciting than the beginner's accounting class

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bridal Fascinator

Today, I finished a bridal fascinator from my friend and former classmate in highschool. I hope she liked the design. I'm really liking creating fabric flower and plumage hair accessories. I'll post this on etsy soon.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lucia Manila

Yesterday, I designed some business card, banner, and avatar for my next shop, Lucia Manila. I am quite pleased with the result. I used this miniature bench I got from the Heritage Village of Vigan, Ilocos Sur. I'm really in love with the details of this wooden bench set. The textured background is something I accidentally found when dad gave me the toaster box to help me organize my supplies. I found it in the contents and liked the color of it as it complements the little bench that I've been wanting to take pictures of but found no flattering background for it. I'm glad I found that corrugated cardboard....Yay for recycling! I'll be using that as the background for my bridal garters.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Fresher Look

I just finished taking new photos of my bangle bracelets. This reminded me about the Alchemist Book by Paulo Coelho especially the part when Santiago was cleaning all the crystals in the shop and people started noticing all the beautiful crystals in the merchant's shop. It was a painstaking task, but in the end I know it's worth the hard work.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Heart Manila

I was browsing in my photo files and found some interesting photos back in college. I used to take up classes in Cultural Heritage. It was in this classes that I fell in love with Old Manila. I really hope the upcoming Aquino Administration will revive Manila, the beauty it once was.

Barbara's - One of the Best Restaurants in Intramuros

La Gota de Leche: The one of the first Philanthropic Organization in the Philippines that was built in 1907. The did feeding programs to children of marginalized families.

My friend Emme and I back in the day when we were young, beautiful and innocent...Now, we're only beautiful.

San Sebastian Basilica: One of the first prefabricated structures in the world (translation: The very first Lego). Its a church made up of steel that was imported from Belgium. I love it's Gothic details.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Book List for Success

I want to be a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry. I did not have any formal training in design and management, but I am determined enough to learn and do what it takes to have my break in this industry...F A I R L Y. With that in mind, I have been reading books such as Go Negosyo's step by step guide on how to start my business. Yes, I know the craft well...but I should also think and treat my craft as my livelihood. Slowly, I'm starting to appreciate the importance of having a structure in my business. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm willing to take it step by step. I am here to fulfill my be a successful accessories designer and businesswoman.

Here are the books I am currently reading:

101 Things I Learned from Fashion School by Alfredo Cabrera with Matthew Frederick

Craft Inc by Mateo Ilasco

Crafting a Business

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fabric Supplies: Divi Date With Myself

Yesterday, after meeting with my lovely clients, I went to Divisoria in Manila to buy my supplies. I haven't been to Divisoria for months now. When I got there, it was so crowded and hot. It is overwhelming if you're new to the place. I'm quite used to the chaos Manila has. I was able to buy yards and yards of tulle and other fabrics! I was so happy. I also found other supplies that I have been looking for forever.

Here are my loot!

Ribbons, tulle, stamens, feathers, faux petals yay!

Love love love,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Finally on ETSY!

After months of taking a sabbatical from designing, I'm finally on Etsy. Today was second attempt to post on Etsy. The first one was from my previous account. I switched my account to Jewelboxballerina since it is more searchable than my personal name. Gimp was really nice to me. Photoshop overwhelms me. At Gimp, I only use the crop, rotate, and the curve to edit my photos. I want to fully utilize Gimp...maybe I'll study the program during my free time... if I ever have one. Lol!

I've been studying Etsy for months...on how to take photos, how to crop them, how to tag, how to set up shop or create descriptions, etc. I'm happy that I finally took the first steps. Honestly, I was intimidated and somewhat overwhelmed.... but all I needed was to just create my first listing...then the rest would be easier. I actually had fun with the process especially with thinking about tags. I'm sure my shop would need a lot of improvements. I'll just improve it along the way. It's better to start now than wait for things to get perfect...otherwise, I won't be able to accomplish things.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flores de Mayo: Toddlers and Tiaras

It's already the start of the rainy season here in the tropics. Though I'm in love with the sun, I welcomed the coming of the rain. I spent my last days of summer helping our parish's annual Sta. Cruzan. Sta. Cruzan or the Sagala is a parade commemorating Sta. Elena's finding the cross that was used for Jesus at Mt. Calvary.

This year's Reyna Elena came from our village. She's such a sweet and pretty little girl.

To be part of the parade, usually the parish would hold a fundraising through a beauty contest and the candidate with the most number of funds raised would be the Reyna Elena (Queen Ellen). She will be followed by Reyna Emperatriz, then Reyna de las Flores. There other candidates were also given titles...and our parish had 40 candidates!

This year, all the candidates were from ages five to fifteen. It was like watching Toddlers & Tiaras minus the tantrums and crazy stage mothers. During the Sagala, the local beauties would walk with ornate archs together with their escorts
Anticipating a puddle of mud

Toddlers & Tiaras Philippine Edition

It was my first time to help making the arch for our candidate. I made a hundred flowers made up of crepe. I was so happy that I was given this task since I already design fabric flowers for the past months.

One of the flowers we made for our candidate's arch

Reina Elena